We are pleased to announce the imminent publication by the University Press of Florida of the collective volume: 

Joyce without Borders

Circulations, Sciences, Media, and Mortal Flesh

Edited by James Ramey and Norman Cheadle


With excellent contributions from 14 scholars who gave papers at the 2019 North American James Joyce Symposium in Mexico City, this book addresses James Joyce's borderlessness and the ways his work crosses or unsettles boundaries of all kinds. The essays in this volume position borderlessness as a major key to understanding Joycean poiesis, opening new doors and new engagements with his work.



We are grateful to the organizers of "James Joyce: Ulysses 1922–2022", who have graciously included a panel offering a preview of this volume tomorrow, Wednesday, June 15 from 16:00-17:30 (Emmet).


We are also thankful to the University Press of Florida for providing a flyer with important discounts for buyers in Europe and North America.